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A lamp that eliminates viruses? Yes, it exists, and it’s from Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s great home automation catalog

Although we have always associated Xiaomi with telephony, the truth is that the brand has managed to carve over time an image that encompasses much more than smartphones. The firm has a good amount of devices beyond the terminals among which we find for example its famous electric scooters, the most sold and seen on the street without a doubt.

We also have the Xiaomi TV, its popular Mi Band 4 activity bracelet, robot vacuum cleaners, dryers, surveillance cameras, very cheap wireless headphones and even an air purifier. Precisely in relation to this last product, it should be noted how the company has been gradually developing new equipment, among which its smart bulb stands out, although not forgetting several lamp models.

Xiaomi desk lamp

Just our protagonist today is a lamp, but not just any: it is a model capable of eliminating viruses from our home, thus offering us lighting and a purification system of our environment so that we feel more secure. Or that promises, of course.

Xiaomi and its lamp capable of eliminating viruses

Anyone would say that Xiaomi had it all planned: at a time when China is overwhelmed by Wuhan’s coronavirus, the firm goes and throws a lamp that eliminates this kind of pathogens. The device has been developed in collaboration with the manufacturer Qingdao Fifth Element and has all the ballots, given the circumstances, to become the next success Chinese sales. But what exactly does this lamp do?

Xiaomi virus lamp

The model, of vertical design, has two tubes placed in the center capable of emit UVC rays (We understand that far wave, which does not cause damage to the skin), which are responsible for damaging the reproductive system of virus-carrying bacteria and prevents their spread. In this way, the team can reach eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses They are in the air of a room (about 20 or 30 square meters) with its operation.

Xiaomi virus lamp

With this, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to keep viruses and bacteria at bay like E.coli or staphylococcus, although, we anticipate it already, we doubt (much, very much) that it is really effective with the Wuhan virus. What this lamp can do is also notify your phone with a notification when it detects a more resistant viral presence in the environment than usual.

Xiaomi virus lamp

Compatible with Mijia (and, therefore, with the entire Xiaomi ecosystem), the lamp has a lifespan of more than 9,000 hours, has dimensions of 245 x 120 x 120 mm and is made of plastic and metal.

The device is currently on the Asian Youpin platform (a portal for crowdfunding), with the idea of ​​going on sale next March 5 in Chinese territory. his price, As expected, it is lying on the floor: about 23 euros to change. Would you buy it if it ends up landing in UK?

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