9 free strategy games on the Google Play Store that you have to try


Sometimes it is also good to pull the brain. In this sense, we have 9 strategy games to present you in today’s list. These are games that will put you in epic wars where strategy and thinking are a valuable skill! As always they are free and with good ratings on the Google Play Store.

Expansion cell wars


Control cells with different strategies from attack, defense and healing to control the micro-universe.

Grow Empire: Rome


Take on the role of the powerful Roman leaders to advance your empire. Build defense towers, train troops, research new technologies and take over the ancient world.

Boom Battlefield


This Tower Defense game is absolutely brutal. Prepare your defenses in advance and witness as they decimate your enemies. But if you’re not careful, enemy troops will pass.

European War 6: 1804


Arm yourself in Napoleon Bonaparte in this historic game. After the French Revolution and the American War of Independence, Europe is at war and you must fight several conflicts with historical characters like Napoleon, Duke of Wellington and George Washington.

Kingdom Rush


Prepare epic defenses against hordes of enemies. Use the skills of warriors and the magic of sorcerers to ensure the safety of your kingdom.

Last Shelter: Survival


With realistic graphics and a post-apocalyptic setting, this game will give you something to think about. Develop the best tactics to defend your city against an army of tireless and hungry zombies.

War Commander: Rogue Assault


Fight in real time with armies, tanks, warships and all kinds of military technology.

Bloons TD Battles


It’s monkey vs monkey in this mind-boggling game where the goal is to pop balloons and shoot guns.



This is a very creative game that you can use to relax or train your brain.

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