9 Free Sports Games on Google Play Store


It's time to take another look at games. These are sports games to wake up the athlete in you. These are always free games and top rated games on the Google Play Store so try it.

Pacybits Fut 20


If you want to create your own football league, this is the perfect app. Collect cards and upgrades, buy teams, buy players and create your dream team to conquer the world of the spherical.

Dream League Soccer


Dream League Soccer gives a different approach to the concept of creating a team of their own. After you create it, you can take it to the field and play as a FIFA or PES. The graphics are decent and the gameplay too.

Flip dunk


From the same authors as Flip Diving comes Flip Dunk, where the goal is to put the ball in the basket as absurdly as possible. Choose your character and try to basket in obstacles.

King golf


If you want to be the king of golf you have to prove it. Use your geometry and calculation skills to figure out the best angle to put the ball where it belongs: in the hole. If you can, you can even do the "Hole in One" challenge where you only have one chance to get it right.

Pocket Mini Golf


A more relaxed mini golf version. Enjoy the relaxing music, peaceful scenery and the prospect of playing mini golf in the clouds.

Fishing strike


Fishing Strike reminds me of SEGA Sea Bass Fishing. Get ready to hit the seas with realistic graphics and fish that don't want to be caught. However, if you want to put food in it, you have to strive to be the best fisherman on the planet.



If you get enough golf try a game of pool. In Pooking, use the best strategy to hit and once again put all the balls in the hole.

Volley beans


Have you ever seen beans playing volley? Now you have it. Control the little beans in an exciting volley game that can quickly turn into a disaster.

8 Ball Hero


In 8 Ball Hero you will try to become the best pool player in the world. Compete against rivals or use online mode to play against people around the world.

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