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9 free role-playing games in the Google Play Store!

9 free role-playing games in the Google Play Store!

It's time to take a look at 9 Role-Playing-Game (RPG) games on the Google Play Store. These are games with story elements and character enhancements throughout the gameplay. Some are more complex than others but surely you will find something that you like.

Evil Lands


Evil Lands is very much inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The similarities are noticeable in the landscapes and gameplay. However, if you want to have a RPG experience with richer graphics this may be the right game for you.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements


This is a "must play" for any fan of the series. Embody the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and do whatever it takes to reach the top. Improve the lab, recruit forces and expand your territory.

Looney Tunes RPG


Any Looney Tunes fan will enjoy this game, which is very successful. The 3D animations are great and the action is even better. Combine teams of wild characters and fight for the supremacy of the animated world.

Magic rampage


Prepare yourself because this game will bring your blood to a boil. Magic Rampage combines RPG elements with 2D side-scroller action. You will pass through dungeons and castles facing all kinds of monsters and of course using magic and powerful weapons for this purpose.

Age of Magic


Form your team of 5 heroes and prepare for legendary battles. Choose from wizards, archers, warriors and monsters to fight by your side. You will need all your skills to defeat armies of dragons, wizards and other evil creatures.

Vampire's Fall: Origins


If there's a game that Vampire's Fall: Origins refers me to is Diablo, that's for sure. Their over-the-camera camera style, inventory menu, sinister characters and themes are definitely inspired by the classic. Even so, the game can be interesting in its merit.

Last Day on Earth: Survival


If you're sick of Walking Dead, this game won't exactly change your life. However, it is a different approach to the post apocalyptic zombie world as it is more based on RPG elements such as shelter building and item survival.





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