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Apple publicly humiliates Google's Android at WWDC 2018

Today, June 4, 2018, WWDC 2018 (World Wide Developer Conference) started in San Jose California. The...

Android P will also block access to your smartphone's microphone

Google is in the process of developing the new version of its operating system. For now,...

Best VPNs for the Czech Republic 2020

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union. Therefore Internet access in the Czech Republic is free and unlimited. The Czech Republic...

Paste, this is how the new TikTok option works

This is how Stitch from TikTok works Along with many other things, such as making content easy and fast to consume, originality and that viral...

8BitDo already has the perfect arcade controller for your emulators

The perfect controller for your battles in Street Fighter

8BitDo Arcade Stick

There is nothing like an arcade stick to perform your best combos in Street fighter. These types of controls allow greater mobility of the stick, in addition to giving us maximum comfort when making movements and pressing several buttons at the same time.

Those players specialized in combat games will agree that this type of controllers become especially essential for this type of game, but it will also work wonderfully in action games that require speed, such as Metal slug or any other game born in arcades. In short, everything that has to do with arcade or with the best emulators.

Multiple profiles to choose from

8BitDo Arcade Stick

The most interesting thing about this controller is that it has several switches from which to activate several different profiles in a matter of one click. We can select the connection mode between Bluetooth or radio frequency 2.4 GHz (it includes a wireless adapter that is stored in a compartment of the remote itself), and can also be connected to a PC through a USB-C cable. The distribution of the buttons can be modified instantly to change from the Switch profile to the PC profile with L, R, LB and RB buttons, so there will be no error option due to a bad press.

Fully customizable

8BitDo Arcade Stick

These types of controls usually fit into professional profiles of players who compete in tournaments and championships, so it is normal for these types of profiles to seek some customization in certain components. For example, there are players who are looking for stiffer sticks that allow them to have more precision of movements, or softer buttons for quick clicks to obtain immediate response. To meet all these requirements, 8BitDo has designed the Arcade Stick case so that it can be removed and we can replace the components with those models that best fit our style of play.

The joystick placement area is prepared to be able to place any type of joystick and button on the market, such as the Happ, Sanwa or Industrias Lorenzo models. In addition, it includes two buttons that will allow you to create macros with which to activate additional functions of the buttons, being able to activate extra functions by holding down one of these two buttons and combining it with another of the rest. These macros can be configured through the official application, being able to manage two different profiles in total.

How much?

This 8BitDo Arcade Stick can be reserved now on Amazon with a price of $ 89.99, a very interesting amount for the type of command in question. The first shipments are expected to take place on October 20, so it will take almost two months until we can improve our score in Pang!.

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