8 settings that enhance the user experience with Android phones

8 settings that enhance the user experience with Android phones

Settings that change your experience with an Android mobile

With the excitement of releasing a new phone, it is usual to skip certain configuration steps or not pay attention to others that can be performed in the system settings. Therefore, we propose some extra settings with which the user experience improves. And best of all, it will only take you a few extra extra minutes.

Change the visual theme

Android Themes

One of the great advantages of Android has always been its visualization capacity. If you do not like the default icon set you can change it, also if you want to access an application drawer with all installed, the most used are on the home screen, etc.

Before you had to mess up a lot, but now most terminals offer a theme manager. So activate it and select the one that attracts you most. If you feel like experimenting with new Launchers and other visual elements, we'll tell you how to do it later. Everything will depend on personal tastes but on Huawei or Oppo phones it can be a great idea, although in general most capable Android have items to change. Perhaps the Pixel or OnePlus are the most visually pleasing by default.

Delete and order your apps

It is one of the most tedious processes at the beginning, but one of the most important in the long run. Organize your applications, eliminate those that you are not really going to use or you have not used it for a long time improve the experience in the long run.

Hello to gesture control

With the latest versions of Android the gesture control It has improved substantially. The majority of users who release a new phone already start using them as a default navigation system. Even so, if by any chance you have continued using the virtual buttons on the screen, we recommend that you give them a chance.

If you go to Android Settings and use the search engine to locate the Gestures, it will be very easy to switch between one system or another. At first it may cost you work, but with a little practice you will see that it is much more comfortable and efficient when you use the device with one hand. In addition, you gain screen and there are no elements that distract you when you are watching any type of content, especially video.

Default applications

When you open a file type for the first time and have several applications capable of doing so, you must decide which one. This usually also makes it the default application. If you gave OK by mistake and do not want to use Gallery to open the photos that are sent to you and do so in Google Photos, for example, you only have to change that application by default.

To change this you just have to go to Settings> Applications or Applications and Notifications. Once inside, go to Applications by default. There you can modify the apps that open one or other types of documents, links, etc.

Do not bother

Do not bother

Everything related to notifications is something more important than you think. Beyond the fear of missing something we should ask ourselves what it is worth not to get lost. Therefore, it is normal for many to carry the phone completely in silence, only with active vibration in some cases.

Anyway, there is a function related to all this that is worth looking at: Do not bother. This option allows us to establish rules to determine at what times of the day we want or not to be disturbed by warnings, alerts, etc.

If you want to manually activate Do not disturb mode you can do it from the control / notifications panel. Although the ideal is to use the rules, so press and hold that icon or from Settings look for Do not disturb. Then, in the section rules set what you want. For example, from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. or from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. here you decide what time you want to avoid anything that bothers you to rest or take away concentration while you work.

Google Photos for automatic backups

Google Photos It may not be a perfect application or service, you have its peculiarities, but it is a very good option for everything related to the storage of photographs. If you let it optimize the files you can have unlimited storage. And if you are interested in saving the originals you will only have to pay for extra space at an acceptable cost if we look at the price of its competitors.

However, in addition to its intelligent functions, the best thing about Google Photos is that it allows you to do automatic backups of all the images on your phone. So, check out your options and possibilities. If by any chance you lose the terminal you will be glad to have activated this option because your photos will always be in the cloud safe and synchronized with other devices of yours.

OK, Google

Interpreter mode Google Assistant

That "Ok, Google" activates the Google voice assistant is something you already know. But you may not know that to do so with the screen locked you must activate it. So do it. It is as simple as going to the settings and from there mark the corresponding option.

You can also configure the unique recognition of your voice so that when another person says "Ok, Google" does not activate automatically. For all this look in the Settings: Voice match.

Change the ringtone

The marimba tone of the iPhone, that of WhatsApp messages on Android phones, etc. They are great and very recognizable, but also a headache if you are in public places and other users also use them. Because their phones ring and you don't know if it was yours. So, change the ringtone and messages for others already installed or that you can easily install. By the way, your phone will gain personality.


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