8 curiosities and secrets that you can find in Season 2 of Fortnite

8 curiosities and secrets that you can find in Season 2 of Fortnite

The lure grenades

Now, for example, players will be able to use new grenades that will clone their own character to use the copy as a decoy. This is very useful when fooling the henchmen that we meet in the headquarters and guarded areas.

The trick of destroying The Platform

One of the new areas is La Plataforma, an oil station with many resources that remains at sea thanks to its floating structure. Well, this structure, like others in the game, can be destroyed without problems, so if you attack its base and destroy enough, you can see how everything flies through the air, leaving all the resources floating in the water so you can dispatch with peace of mind

Down with Big Oil! from r / FortNiteBR

The Ka-boom parachute is the best

One of the new additions at the level of accessories is the new Ka-boom parachute. You just have to keep an eye on the next video to see how it looks. It is hypnotic and addictive, and we want it now.

Now you can teleport (from a bathroom)

A new item has been included in the map are portable toilets. These cabins with WC could go unnoticed if it were not because when entering them we will be teleported to another point on the map. They can serve to escape or to move once we have finished a mission.

Cardboard boxes are the most

They may not serve too much for a human enemy, but with minions they are quite practical. Get into a cardboard box and reach the bottom of the den to get the loot. Doesn’t it remind you of Metal Gear Solid?

A nod to Venturion’s skin

The Skin of Venturion arrived in season 4 and proposed a superhero aesthetic to the players. You included accessories such as a cape, which can now be found next to the mask in a closet located on The Platform. Will it be some kind of wink for something that will happen?

Now we can throw consumables

Imagine that you are in full confrontation against another group of players and one of your team has run out of shield. No problem, you can always throw a potion to recover its protection. This new action is really useful, so do not forget it when you are in full battle, as you could save your partner’s life.

Miaúsculos already appeared in Season 7

One of the new characters is My uppercase, an adorable kitten embedded in the body of forced that immediately attracts attention for its peculiar aesthetic. It is one of the characters that have liked the most among the users, but the interesting thing is that we had previously seen a first clue about its existence. It happened in a season 7 trailer.



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