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7 Tesla cars burned in the middle of the store! Vandalism against Tesla insists on not ceasing (video)

Tesla continues to be the victim of numerous cases of extremely aggressive vandalism, where its cars are attacked inexplicably. The most recent event took place in Malmo, Sweden, where 7 Tesla cars were set on fire in the store.

Police have not yet revealed the possible cause of the fire that consumed Tesla cars, but they have already opened a criminal investigation. Considering how it happened, the likelihood that it was “accidental” is practically nil.

Firefighters were called in the middle of the night, warning that a fire had started in Tesla’s store (and service center) in Malmo. When they arrived at the site, they encountered a very suspicious situation. In an area of ​​300/400 square meters were 7 or 8 Tesla cars on fire, without an apparent connection between them.

This is not the first time that Tesla has been the victim of vandalism attacks

Over the years, Tesla has been the victim of gross acts of vandalism, seeing its cars victimized by pyromaniacs who destroy electric cars by setting them on fire. In 2018 and 2019 several events of this kind were reported, highlighting that of a user who claimed to have been the victim of “anti-Tesla hatred” when his Tesla Model X was set on fire.

In 2018, there was also a suspicious incident in which in a parking lot they ended up burning simultaneously with the Teslas that were parked 90 meters from each other.

Tesla Model 3 destroyed fire

In both situations, the criminal hand in starting fires seems more than obvious. However, police investigations have always turned out to be “inconclusive”.

As highlighted by the Electrek website, there is one more interesting detail about today’s incident. That same Tesla store in Malmo suffered a fire in 2017, where several vehicles were destroyed. In 2017, the fire broke out inside the store, and the possibility of vandalism was not considered at the time.

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