Home Android 7 new free games on Google Play Store that you won't want to miss

7 new free games on Google Play Store that you won't want to miss

7 new free games on Google Play Store that you won't want to miss

Nothing better than a list of new free games to try on your smartphone while relaxing on Sunday. All of these games can be installed through the Google Play Store for free, although they have several options for making purchases. in-app.

In this list you will find 7 games of various categories, each of which has everything it takes to ensure several hours of fun.


This is one of the latest games to take advantage of the great fever of Battle Royale mode. Unlike other Battle Royale games, you will not explore a map for the best weapons or equipment, the only goal being to be the last survivor.

You will have at your disposal a list of 37 robots, which are divided into several categories. In order to offer an ideal option for all players, you'll find robots that have very different strengths.




This is a new game dedicated to action RPG lovers, which tries to offer a unique gaming experience. Usually this type of game offers a very automated gaming experience. That is, there are many situations in which the player has no control over the character.

In Frist Summoner, you will constantly control your main character. However, to avoid complexity issues in controlling all actions, all gameplay relies heavily on the use of summoned creatures that have autonomous actions.

Zero deaths

If you like action packed games with a hectic atmosphere, this one is perfect for you. With 2D graphics, Project Zero Deaths offers you 7 different characters to choose from.

In addition, there are several weapons to collect and improvements you can make for the characters. There are several game modes that will surely help to keep every type of player captivated.

Bombastic brothers


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