7 good online tools to remove the background from the image!

clipping example

Removing the background from the image, or isolating the white background is simple and can be done online. If you have the ideal photo for a project, but you need to take the background, use these free editing tools that we have selected for you!

Without needing technical knowledge, or advanced tools, images with solid funds and well apart they are easier to work with and guarantee better results.

You can edit or remove the background of the image online with various tools

Some options are paid, others are fully free and even let you download the image in PNG format. You can remove the white background from the image, create a transparent background and other online editing actions.

1. Clipping Magic – the best results when editing online

clipping example
Example of an image edited online with Clipping Magic


?Easy to use with interface entirely in UK’s
? Drag and drop the image onto the clipboard
?Excellent results when creating white background image
❌To download the results you have to register and pay

Clipping Magic was designed for this purpose and we like the simplicity of use, in addition to the results. Drag the image to the area indicated on the website, or upload the file, with the entire interface in UK’s.

In easy to use and easily understandable operation, the platform is quite complete, going beyond removing the background from the image. It is very accurate and can provide a transparent background well achieved, even in PNG format.

It is worth mentioning that to download the edited file in PNG (or JPG) format it is necessary to create an account and join the paid service.

Go to Clipping Magic

2. RemoveBG – the best free tool to take the background of an image!

remove BG
Example of image edited online with RemoveBG

Extremamente Extremely fast platform to process the image
? 100% free with download images in PNG
❌ The interface is not in UK’s – entirely in English
❌ Little control over removing the background from the image

The platform says it takes just 5 seconds to process the files and it’s totally free. The use is as simple as submitting an image, either by url, choose from the computer, or drag and drop on the website that is in English.

Processing takes place immediately and the results are displayed side by side. You can also lightly edit the image, change the background color (solid colors), or apply the selection to pre-existing backgrounds.

For a free platform, results are very good. We have a good isolation from the central theme, preservation of elements such as hair and the judgment, agreed here, of not removing the foliage that would eventually distort the physiognomy.

Go to RemoveBG

3. Photo scissors – to remove the image background more accurately

example scissors
Sample image edited online with Photoscissors

? Greater control and precision over what will be removed from the image
? Very good results in removing and creating a transparent background
? Fast service for image editing with fast processing
❌To download the results in high quality you have to register and pay

Photoscissors gives you more control options than will be removed and what will be maintained. For this, with a green marker they indicate what you want to keep and in red what you want to remove. All processing is fast.

You can also adjust detailed parameters to smooth the action of the algorithm, reverse actions, define the transparency of the background and easily save the results on the computer. There are several options that result in an accurate image editing.

Its disadvantage is the requirement more user time dedicated to editing. In addition, for free we can only download the edited image in low resolution, registration and payment are required for high quality.

Go to Photoscissors

4. LunaPic – the most complete but slow online image editor

Luna Pic
Sample image edited online with LunaPic

? Very complete online image editor with good results
Totalmente Totally free tool for online image editing
❌ Interface in English and with a layout something confused
❌ The editing process takes time to force multiple “Saves

LunaPic is the online image editor, more complete from this list, but interface is confusing and not in UK’s. Opening the site we can see, by categories, the editing options, effects, filters and artistic touches available.

You can submit up to 9 images at a time, via the image url, or by collecting the photos already published on social networks, cloud, etc. In the end, you can download the edited image to your computer, without paying.

The process is time consuming, as it involves several “saves” and to remove the image background, unless the original has a solid background, or is easily isolated, you will have a lot of work ahead of you.

Access LunaPic

5. Background Burner – ideal for removing the background with a “click”

Background burner example
Example of image edited online with Background Burner

? Fully automatic, with good results and retouching option
? UK’s interface, very intuitive and without distractions
❌ Free tool, but requires the creation of a profile / register to download the images

As simple as “Upload, Choose and Download”. To remove funds from images is one of the fastest and most direct options to the subject. Fully automated, there is also the option of retouching the results or changing the background of the image.

The platform gives you several options to upload the file to be treated. As soon as the image is loaded, processing is automatic and you can immediately see a result, without the background of the image.

The service combines fast and automatic processing with customization options and very granular adjustment. In the end, there is the mandatory to create a profile in order to download the treated image.

Go to Background Burner

6. Online Image Editor – free editor with the best features!

OIEditor example
Example of image edited online with Online Image Editor

? Free image editor with a good range of functions
? Interface (almost all) in UK’s, relatively intuitive
❌ Requires some work and editing time to take the background of the image

Do not be intimidated by the interface partially translated into UK’s. This image editor it’s free, full of tools and functions. You have a very capable and relatively easy to use platform here.

To put the transparent background, upload the image – “Advanced” in the top bar, on the left – “Transparency”. There you will find several ways to remove the background, adapting to the characteristics of your image.

Alternatively, you can draw a “transparent line”, create a “Transparent Box” removal area, or remove the transparency. The selection process can be time consuming, but the results are satisfactory.

Access the Online Image Editor

7. Malabi – automatic, simple, fast and effective!

Malabi example
Sample image edited online with Malabi

? Automatically removes the background from images with a “click”
? English interface, very intuitive and with modern design
? It is possible to touch up the results, if necessary, with good precision
Paga Paid platform, to download you have to create a user profile

The tool specializes in removing the background of an image, doing it automatically. It also has a editing area where you can help the algorithm to separate what is to be removed and what is to be maintained.

THE interface is very simple and intuitive, standing out as a positive point. In order to download the edited image, you will have to register, creating an account and joining a paid plan where each credit equals one download.

If you choose to join Malabi, remember to save the image in more than one format (JPEG, PNG, among others), here in order to ensure that the background remains transparent, black, or white depending on what you have chosen.

Access Malabi

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that the online options do not require installation on the PC or Mac. Furthermore, to illustrate the performance of the tools, we use the same and difficult image with the foreground superimposed on the middle plane.


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