7 Free Strategy Games on Google Play Store


It’s time to take a look at some more games, this time pure strategy. These games will get you thinking but also let you relax in the quieter times. As always, they are free games with great ratings in the Google Play store.

Art of War: Legions


Have you read the Sun Tzu Art of War? No need. Build defenses, join armies and wage epic battles with a very funny animation style.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements


Needless to say much. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is the strategy game based on the award-winning AMC series. Start your career helped by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and do your best to be the king of the underworld crime.

Great Conqueror : Rome


More seriously, Great Conqueror: Rome puts you in the role of the Roman army with the goal of world domination. It embodies the great generals of history and dominates the entire continent without fear.

Marimo League: Be God, Miracles on battles!


Masked savages want to fight and you have to control them. Unleash the divine powers on the battlefield to be the ultimate warrior and the last to stand.

Grow Empire: Rome


Take on your role as Roman General in this strategy game. Build defenses, recruit troops and make sure the invaders stay outside!

Biotix: Phage Genesis


War is biological and you are the architect of destruction. Guarantee the survival of your virus or bacteria by destroying all other molecules around and ensuring your biological supremacy.

Smashing four


Get ready for real-time strategy and action battles! Gather your team of 4 heroes, unlock skills and battle players from around the world. Just don’t get unmotivated when you’re beaten by some dynamic young man using his father’s credit card.

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