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7 free games just arrived at the Google Play Store

7 free games just arrived at the Google Play Store

It's time for some free games to spend time on your mobile phone. These are free games just arrived at the Google Play Store. Although they are recent, they already have high ratings in the community.



This has quickly become one of my favorite mobile games. Get ready to launch into a frantic battle royale with a different but super-appealing look. You have several game modes, characters and weapons to choose from.

Looney Tunes RPG


If you like the Looney Tunes classics, this game is a must. Choose from your favorite characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, Elmer Fudd and many others from the classic Looney Tunes universe. Then create your team and fight battles against other players.

Disney Magic Kingdom


For the youngsters, this game is very interesting. It's a kind of Theme Park where you can build your own park with Disney elements and characters. It is you who control everything in this simulation game of the legendary animation company.

Thief rivals


Similar to MilkChoco, this is also a Battle Royale where you fight in teams of 9 vs 9 players. The visual style is very cartoonistic and colorful, which helps to add humor to the gameplay.

Just Dance Now


Do you have a Smart TV or Chromecast? So get ready to dance because for this game you only need a mobile phone and a compatible TV. You have over 400 songs available and the option to play with friends.

Top speed


In the Need for Speed ​​style, you can race against other players, improve your car in every way and use Nitro to achieve mind-blowing speeds.

Light a way


Through a very interesting concept, you should team up with the other characters to create lightning beams to defeat your opponents. The game involves strategy and puzzle in a very unique visual style.

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