It’s time to take a look at another list of great games to entertain. These are super casual games that won’t grind your patience with missions or goals, it’s “play and walk”. As always, the games we show are free and rated well on the Google Play store.

Forge Ahead

forge ahead

Have you ever wanted to be a blacksmith? If so, this game is the perfect opportunity to test your ability to create high caliber weapons. Who knows if Hephaestus himself does not come down from heaven to congratulate you in person.

Pokey Ball

pokey ball

I loved this game. He pulls his finger to propel the ball and releases it to rise, collecting all the coins in the process. Imagine it is a Super Mario but without Mario. And without Super.

Jelly shift

pathh painter

This jelly is not for eating but for passing through obstacles. Change the shape of the gelatin as needed to fit all holes. It is the most flexible gelatin on the planet.

Path painter

path painter

As the name implies, it paints the course as you cross it. Choose the color and stay true to that color, like a watchdog. Eventually you’ll have other colors competing with you and you can even play with friends. Who would say.

Fold dunk

fold dunk

Control your team of semi-nude dolls and lead them to success in the world of basketball. The gameplay is super chaotic but also super fun. And you can still choose doll clothes if you like that kind of thing.

Rolling Domino

Is there anything more relaxing than putting dominoes on their feet to knock them over right away? This is what you do in this game with a fantastic three-dimensional look and action that will leave you very calm and supportive.

Draw around


Practice your contour drawing skills in this colorful game. Draw all kinds of shapes within the time limit. But don’t overdo the artistic creativity, it’s a mobile app, not a Da Vinci Simulator.

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