7 free adventure games on the Google Play Store that you have to try!


Today we have a list of games just for the more adventurous. These are games that put you in narratives full of action, crime and mystery. You have games for all tastes. As always, the games are free and have good ratings on the Google Play Store.

Mystery Manor: hidden objects


Enter the mysterious mansion and find all the hidden objects. At the same time, you will unravel the story behind the mansion and why you find yourself in this situation.

LifeAfter: Night falls


As they said in Game of Thrones, the night is dark and full of terrors. The same happens in this post-apocalyptic scenario where all kinds of monsters roam the streets in search of prey. Be careful not to be one.



This game has a look inspired by Japanese manga and is guaranteed to give you some brave scares. Explore the haunted school with one goal: to survive.

OneBit Adventure


Nothing with an 8-bit game made in modern times. Enter this RPG adventure where you can improve your character and gain skills. All with a very appealing retro visual style.

Murder in the Alps


Murder in the Alps is a detective novel for mystery and crime enthusiasts. Unravel the clues and pay attention to details to find out who the killer was in this complex storyline.

Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow


Futurama needs no introduction. Play as your favorite characters like Fry, Leela and Bender in this mind-boggling adventure across several worlds in the galaxy.

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


The interpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale in a very interesting Android game. Who will win? The educated and rational doctor? Or the wild inner beast?

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