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Ways to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup from anywhere

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will begin on June 14 in Russia. Alas, not every site can broadcast live from the scene. We studied the topic and found 6 sites where you can see all the matches and 6 sites that turn out to be useless.

Three Ways to Stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The most anticipated and anticipated event of the football world – the 2018 FIFA World Cup – is about to begin. If you can attend the stadiums, you will surely feel this indescribable energy radiated by loyal fans, rooting for their favorite teams.

However, with a much greater probability, you will not go to Russia this summer, and therefore you will not get to matches. Accordingly, you can only watch the live broadcast.

More than 80 countries of the world have the right to conduct live broadcasts from FIFA matches, but not all of these countries have sites where you can watch such broadcasts!

And those sites that will conduct live broadcasts are probably, for the most part, closed by access locks on a geographical basis.

To get around such blocking, you need a VPN service.

Next, we will discuss all sites that have the right to live broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup and tell you how to access them.

To save your time, we will tell you the protests that can cover this event only partially (no matter what others say).

3 easy ways to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup for FREE

  1. Select a VPN and sign up. ( This VPN service is the fastest for excellent streaming, this service is the cheapest, and this third VPN service also does its job).
  2. Connection to the server in Russia. (You need to appear as if you are in Russia.)
  3. Open MatchTV and start watching!

That’s all. It is so simple

If you want to get more detailed information about the game and other free options on how to watch it, read below.

Streaming FIFA matches in any country

More than 80 countries of the world have the right to live broadcasts from FIFA matches, however, if you do not have a TV or subscription to cable television services, then you will have to sweat to watch the World Cup.

This is where the sites where you can watch streaming broadcasts come in handy. We have prepared for you a list of the best services of this kind (taking into account the countries of residence of the audience). We have listed 10 sites where you can watch streaming online broadcasts.


NBC, ESPN, FOX, Telemundo
South American countries Sky
Germany Sky
Britannia Bbc
Ireland RTE
Australia Sbs
New Zealand Sky
Africa Superport
Cambodia CBS
Portugal RTP
France TF1
Caribbean countries Sky
Middle East countries beIN Sports

On all these sites you can watch streaming broadcasts, only access to them or any particular content posted here can be limited only to residents of certain regions.

To get around these locks, you need a VPN service.

VPN service will show you all the matches

Using the VPN service, you can change the IP address by connecting it to a mediation server. You can easily change your virtual location, even encrypt traffic and protect your Internet connection with a VPN. This is a great tool, and if you want to know more about it, then click here.

However, not all VPN services can provide access to blocked content. For example, many streaming services (say, Netflix) can detect and block VPN connections.

You must use a reliable and fast VPN service to play streaming content. Below you will find a list of services that we recommend:

The 6 best-streaming sites to watch FIFA matches

With a VPN, you can access any streaming server. The list below shows the sites where you can watch live broadcasts of all matches.

1. BBC iPlayer

The BBC is Britain’s best-known broadcast service in the Neighborhood.

This year, the BBC will broadcast 33 matches and you can watch live broadcasts through the BBC iPlayer app. (BBC and ITV have a common right to broadcast, so the matches will be “divided” between them).

You just need to connect to the VPN server located in the UK, download the iPlayer app and start browsing.

The VPN connection must be established by a server located in the UK, otherwise, you will not be able to access it.

BBC iPlayer only works if you have a VPN.

If you want to watch live broadcasts of all 64 matches, we advise you to select the FOX channel.

2. Sky Go

SkyGo is another extremely popular channel. Sky owns broadcasting rights in New Zealand, Germany, and Caribbean South America.

SkyGo will show all 64 matches live. To see all the matches, you will need to connect to a VPN server located in New Zealand, Mexico or Germany. Then, after downloading the installation of the SkyGo application, you can enjoy the matches.

Here are, by the way, the best VPNs for SkyGo that will work.

3. RTP

RTP is the most popular broadcasting site in Portugal, where you can watch all the live matches of the FIFA World Cup.

If you are currently in Portugal, you will need a VPN to view the matches.

This article will tell you how to watch RTP broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

4. TF1

If you can’t imagine watching FIFA matches without commenting in French, then you need TF1. However, there you will see only the main 28 matches. Many sites are not associated with TF1 partnership agreements where the content of this channel will be broadcast, but we would still advise you to choose a different service.

This article will tell you how to unlock access to other popular streaming services in France, where you can watch all the Championship matches.

5. FOX

FOX is the main option for U.S. residents who want to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and all 64 matches will be shown there.

You can watch live broadcasts on the FOX channel (via FOX Sports), however, the broadcasts of this channel are available only to those located in the United States.

Also, to view FOX you need a subscription to the services of an American cable television provider.

The only way to get around this limitation is to use SlingTV or Hulu, the services that FOX considers to be cable TV companies.

Read this article to learn how to register for Sling TV without an American credit card.

This article will tell you how to register with Hulu if you are not in the US (scroll to the “How to watch ABC Comedy through Hulu” section). When you are finished with this, you only need to enter your details on the FOX website.

6. beIN

Also known as Al Jazeera Sports, beIN will broadcast all 64 matches of the Championship live to residents of the Middle East and North Africa.

There is even a special set of services for viewing the FIFA Championship. After registration, you will need to use the VPN service to change your IP address to the address of the country in which there is access to the beIN channel.

6 sites where you can’t watch FIFA matches live

To be honest: there are so many streaming services now that it’s very difficult to figure out where you can watch the World Cup and where not.

We spent a lot of time finding popular sites where you can’t watch the FIFA World Cup matches live.

1. Eurosport

Eurosport is a great site and the Cooney app is awesome. With their help, you can watch matches of the competition of almost any sport. Just to broadcast live matches of the World Cup this service will not be. The backwater site will have replay reviews available.

2. CBS

Many sites claim otherwise, but CBS will not broadcast live World Cup matches.

If you go to the channel’s site, then the detectors link is a redirect to the FOX website.

CBS will post updates some replays, but you can’t even dream about live broadcasts.

If you still want to know how to watch CBS shows outside the United States, read this article.


ESPN has a separate channel for football – ESPN FC. There will be laid out highlights of the video filmed at the World Cup.

It seems that the entire matches on the ESPN website will not be uploaded, but you still watch to watch there the highlights of all the games.

4. NBC

This year, the NBC channel did not receive the right to broadcast from the FIFA World Cup, however, you can still watch some matches through the application of this service.

But only if you are not a client of a cable television operator, then you can’t watch NBC live broadcasts.

This is where SlingTV comes in handy. SlingTV is a teleservice that you don’t need to subscribe to cable television for, so you can use it to access NBC. There is only one pitfall – this is a paid service.

This article will tell you how to subscribe to SlingTV and get access to NBC if you do not have an American bank card.

5. Telemundo

If you live in a Hispanic country, you can watch all the FIFA World Cup matches on the Telemundo channel. This is a great option for TV owners, but if you only have a computer, then everything becomes less rosy.

All Championship matches will be available through the Telemundo application only the next day, which cannot but upset the true fans of FIFA.

However, if you decide that you will watch everything through Telemundo, you can use the site of this channel and a subscription to Hulu. This article will tell you how to register with Hulu if you are not in the US (scroll to the “How to watch ABC Comedy through Hulu” section).

6. YouTube

If you just want to watch the highlights of the matches, then FIFA has its own YouTube channel.

There will be replays, highlights of some interviews, but there will be no live broadcasts there.

When will the first match begin

The first game of the championship (Russia vs Saudi Arabia) will be held on June 14.

The number is large, and the time zones are even larger, so determining the exact time to turn on the TV or computer may not be so simple.

Here is the exact time the first match began.

London (BST): 4 a.m.
New York (ET): 11 a.m.
Chicago (CT): 10 a.m.
Denver (MT): 9 a.m.
Las Vegas (PT): 8 a.m.
Los Angeles (PT) :
Honolulu morning hours (HAST):
Sydney morning hours (AET): 1 am (Friday).
Tokyo (JST): Midnight (Friday).
Moscow (MSK): 6 hours in the evening
Paris (CEST): 5 hours in the evening

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule

So that you do not miss a single match, we give you the schedule of the group stage for this year.

June 14, 2018 Russia vs. Saudi Arabia
June 15, 2018 Egypt vs. Uruguay

Morocco vs. Iran

Portugal vs. Spain

June 16, 2018 France vs. Australia

Argentina vs. Iceland

Peru vs. Denmark

June 17, 2018 Croatia vs. Nigeria

Costa Rica vs. Serbia

Germany vs. Mexico

Brazil vs. Switzerland

June 18, 2018 Sweden vs. South Korea

Belgium vs Panama

England vs. Tunisia

June 19, 2018 Colombia vs. Japan

Poland vs. Senegal

Russia vs. Egypt

June 20, 2018 Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia

Portugal vs. Morocco

Spain vs. Iran

June 21, 2018 Australia vs. Denmark

France vs. Peru

Argentina vs. Croatia

June 22, 2018 Brazil vs. Costa Rica

Nigeria vs. Iceland

Serbia vs. Switzerland

June 23, 2018 Belgium vs. Tunisia

Mexico vs. South Korea

Germany vs. Sweden

June 24, 2018 England vs. Panama

Mexico vs. South Korea

Germany vs. Sweden

June 25, 2018 Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt

Russia vs. Uruguay

Portugal vs. Iran

Spain vs. Morocco

June 26, 2018 Australia cs. Peru

France vs. Denmark

Argentina vs. Nigeria

Iceland vs. Croatia

June 27, 2018 Korea Republic vs. Germany

Mexico vs. Sweden

Serbia vs. Brazil

Switzerland vs. Costa Rica

June 28, 2018 Japan vs. Poland

Senegal vs Colombia

England vs. Belgium

Panama vs. Tunisia

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