6 Nolan Movies to Watch While We Wait for Tenet

6 Nolan Movies to Watch While We Wait for Tenet

Christopher Nolan, a director on the rise

For many, knowing that Nolan is behind a movie is in itself a sign of guarantee. This is what has to have such a good track record, in which many of his films are real headaches.

Christopher was born in London, England, in 1970, and practically since he was a child he already knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to the world of cinema. Despite this, Nolan studied English literature, although he combined university books with some works by short film in a film school in the British city.

Christopher Nolan

Currently the director, screenwriter and producer has been nominated five times for best director at the Oscars (the statuette has yet to be won) and is today considered one of the best in his field, with a large legion of fans behind him. . Why? Well, because it usually deals with complex issues, with enough originality and rigor, always making us discover new ideas while enjoying ourselves visually.

His filmography is not to go crazy either, but instead of summarizing it all (which is something you can find in any film tab), we are going to select our favorite director’s titles, explaining why you should see them if you have not done them yet and This is how you are opening your mouth with the director’s style until the premiere of his long-awaited film Tenet.

Best Nolan Movies

We have selected the best Christopher Nolan films below and explain why you should watch (or review) them if you haven’t already. Do you agree with our selection?


Let’s say it’s the film that catapulted the director to fame. It is based on a story written by his brother, Jonathan Nolan, which was published a year after the film. The thriller was released in the year 2000, stars Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and two Oscars (in the categories of original screenplay and editing).

The most particular thing about the proposal is that the story is completely messy, showing present moments that are interspersed with other past ones and with black and white scenes. The story presents Leonard with a man who after an accident suffers a trauma that causes anterograde amnesia, or what is the same, is not able to register new immediate memories, forgetting what he has done, said or seen minutes later. Even with this, he will try to find the murderer of his wife (the cause of her condition), using a multitude of memory techniques such as notes, photos and tattoos.


A couple of years after Memento, Nolan returned to theaters with Insomnia. In this film it is true that we do not find any of the typical “tricks” of the director or strange script twists, but we do enjoy an interesting story (based on a Norwegian film from the 90s) in which obsession and insomnia are treated and with a luxury cast: Al Pacino and the late Robin Williams.

Why should you watch it? Well because it’s the movie possibly more traditional of the director and it is worth seeing him also working in more “normal” environments. Many have sometimes called it boring, but perhaps it is an unfair way to describe a work that simply does not have the surprises that Nolan has us used to.

The dark knight

Nolan has directed several films of Batman being without a doubt the most remarkable The Dark Knight. Released in 2008, It always sneaks into the rankings of the best movies about the superhero and on numerous occasions the best film about the Bat Man that has been seen to date is chosen.

A very good production, a fantastic soundtrack (with Hans Zimmer holding the baton) and a cast in which we even have the one considered by many to be the best Joker in history (Heath Ledger) were the keys for the film to win two Oscars and became the favorite of many fans (and even not so fans) of the character.


In 2010, one of Nolan’s most famous films and that best represents his work hit theaters. We talk about Inception (in UK it was called Origin), a movie to talk about about dreams and the different states or levels that exist when we fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Obviously, the possibility of accessing them through a compound and modifying a person’s personal decisions is already within the director’s imagination, but it is still a tremendously film. entertaining, intelligent and different that hardly leaves anyone indifferent and whose end continues to be debated today. In the cast we have Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard and Michael Caine, among others. It took, by the way, fourth Oscars (and was nominated for another four).


Christopher Nolan made us wait until 2014 to give us one of the best films of his entire career and one of the most outstanding titles about space travel that has ever been created. With a heart-stopping soundtrack (again Hans Zimmer is responsible), the film tells us about Joseph Cooper, a former engineer who decides to leave his family and embark on a NASA mission in search of another habitable planet since the resources of the Earth are running out.

Although it has certain exceptions in favor of spectacularity, many scientists have praised how rigorous Nolan was in this work, with a realism rarely seen in a film of this nature (special mention deserves its wormhole). A fantastic story, full of special effects, that won a good number of awards and is, today, the favorite of many viewers and followers of the director. Essential.


The last movie Nolan directed before Tenet was Dunkirk. Far from the paranoia of dreams, obsessions or memory, this film centers its plot on a real event: Operation Dynamo, an early campaign carried out by the United Kingdom after the invasion of France by Nazi Germany with the objective of evacuating and rescuing some 400,000 soldiers who were in the Gallic country during the Second World War.

Critically acclaimed, it enjoys a narrative approach set in three different scenarios (beach, sea and air) that take place at different times. The soundtrack (yes, by Zimmer) masterfully accompanies a war story that is among the most outstanding in recent years. We have to see it.


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