5G: only 25% of the world will be covered by technology in 2030


According to the American consulting firm McKinsey, the next 10 years will represent the initial phase of the implementation of 5G on the planet. The report published by the company details that the first operations to implement the technology will cost between 700 to 900 billion dollars.

The result will be 25% coverage of 5G technology on the planet by 2030. However, only certain parts of China, Europe and the United States will benefit from this implementation and only the most developed and central cities will have access to the technology.


There are several categories of 5G networks

Within 5G, there are several band frequencies, which distribute different signal strengths. In this case, we will describe the most relevant ones.

  • 5G “millimeter wave” (this network will be present in 25% of the globe by 2030)
  • 5G mid-band
  • 5G low-band

The first category is considered the fastest, as it works with frequencies between 24 to 72 GHz. Download speeds are abysmal, reaching up to 2Gbit / s. In perfect condition, it allows you to transfer a 2 GB file in just 1 second. This category will be the most difficult to implement as it is quite limited in scope.

The second category is the most used and implemented today. It works in frequencies between 2.4 to 4.2 GHz and allows speeds between 100 and 400 Mbit / s. In the United States, the operator Sprint uses this frequency, as in China.

Finally we have the lowest category, which is very similar to LTE Advanced (4G). Speeds are sometimes even lower than 4G in this category, being used only to test and introduce the technology.

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