Home Applications 5 Reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks

5 Reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks

5 Reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks
5 Reasons not to buy Kodi Fully Loaded Android Box or Fire Sticks
5 Reasons not to buy Fully loaded
5 Reasons not to buy Fully loaded

5 Reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks

We all know how popular the Kodi application is, its rated as one of the best open source streaming software ever. Kodi as an app does not provide any content for streaming the end user would generally have to add these services themselves. 

Is KODI Legal? Check out our Full Guide about KODI Legality HERE. And continue with this post to see the 5 reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks.

KODI Unofficial Add-on Streaming

For most people starting out with Kodi, it usually begins with something they have heard or read about this application that will let them watch free Movies, Free Sports,  Free TV. This is usually enough to spike their attention as they could save a lot of money on Cable and Satellite bills. This is where the search continues as to how does this app Kodi app work and how can they get it.

First, we ( EntertainmentBox ) do not provide any third party add-ons or any other streaming services. We only offer TV boxes On the Android platform that has Kodi app pre-installed (No Add-ons). We also pre-install some best Android apps stores such as our EBox Store and Aptoide TV, Google Play Store. So the user can download any app they wish to use for streaming or to setup Kodi. See points below about why we should never get a Fully loaded.

You must be aware that its illegal for us to provide copyright-protected content or even using it may cause you some legal trouble. It comes down the to user's choices and what services they choose. We highly recommend TV Box users who use the device for streaming using Kodi or other third party apps to use an Ebox Connect VPN and stay anonymous and secure while streaming. 

Here are the 5 Reasons not to buy fully loaded Kodi boxes or Fire Sticks –

  • You will end up buying a new box every time your pre-installed setup require updates or add-ons stopped working. The third-party add-ons they use will stop working. bB aware that there will be a time when the developer stops developing our updating the addon installed.
  • Risk of getting cheap/cloned device or overprices device just because it has pre-setup KODI with third party Free available add-ons.
  • You may get ads on devices and can't get rid of it and also no future box updates.
  • No Support or No warranty as individuals sell a unit on Amazon/eBay or Facebook etc. sites and just run away ending up you on the same search you started at first. Or when you ask for a return address its in China and the shipping cost more than the device. 
  • Some third-party add-on may take private information stored on the device as you never know everything that is installed.

Continue reading to know how to get this done properly when it comes to buying a streaming TV Boxes from EntertainmentBox.

We do not provide any add-ons or streaming services. And we specialise in top of the range TV boxes on Android. We only use premium quality hardware and offer 24/7 Support, with a full 1 Year warranty on products purchased from EntertainmentBox. Kodi being a popular application comes pre-installed on all devices purchased from Entertainmentbox. But not only it as you will get access to best app stores as EBOX Store, Aptoide TV, Google Play. Also, the built-in web browser allows you to download any Android application of your choice.

How to setup KODI?

Setup KODI RIght Way
Setup KODI RIght Way

We recommend every user to try to learn how Kodi works before they start to use it. You will soon find it is not hard to use even if you are of an older generation. All you need is patience and a little reading, you will soon know everything there is to know.

Any user with their best Android TV Box purchased from EntertainmentBox can setup Kodi on their own quickly once they know what they are installing. Again it is highly recommended to use a VPN to stay secure when using any Kodi add-ons. You can get Official Kodi add-ons from Kodi main website www.kodi.tv. Or if you want to install only the best add-ons search for “best Kodi add-ons” on Youtube or Google.

There is plenty of content available using a search and with things changing daily. This is the only way to stay up to date. Also should get connected to some Kodi add-on developers through social media, so you know when there are new updates. You can clear Kodi app data and re-setup again with the new updates or working add-ons. And you won't need to buy a new box just for the Pre-setup thing. You will get the best hardware devices for quality performance and up to 4K resolution devices from EntertainmentBox.

Check more here as for which best Smart/Android/KODI TV Box to Buy in 2018 HERE.

Buy Fully Loaded Android Apps Boxes Here.

We are available on Live Chat for help on your search for best TV box. Or setup information of devices. ( No Support on third-party add-ons or apps support )



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