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5 best VPN services that do not log

Each user of VPN services has its requirements. Someone needs maximum anonymity and security, and such users need a VPN service that does not keep logs, accepts payment with bitcoins and is registered in a country favourable to the topic of VPN services.

Users of VPN services are different. As a result, they all have different requirements. Someone needs a VPN service to bypass geo-locks and watch their favorite TV shows, someone wants to secure their WiFi connection, someone needs a VPN service to safely download torrents where it is forbidden or blocked. In other words, to choose a VPN service that will meet all your requirements, you should carefully consider everything.

But there is another category of users for whom the availability of a reliable VPN service plays an even more important role – in some cases, this factor is a  matter of life and death. We are talking about users who at all costs need to maintain their anonymity, even if for this they have to sacrifice the connection speed, the number of available servers, the quality of customer support, access to Netflix (oh, my breath away!). Political activists and journalists, for example, use VPN services to circumvent censorship and communicate securely with the outside world. But in some countries even this is illegal!

If you are looking for the most reliable and secure VPN service, then you should pay attention to jurisdiction (the place where the service is registered), the service policy regarding logs and the possibility of paying with bitcoins. In the end, if the VPN service keeps a log of user actions, it is unlikely that such a service can truly provide its customers with complete anonymity. The same is true if the VPN service is registered in a country where a company may be required by law to transfer the personal data of its customers to the appropriate authorities.

Of course, we do not want to say that non-leading log services from countries favourable to VPN services provide a 100% security guarantee. Nevertheless, these are pretty reliable options! All VPN services that we recommend to you in this article are located in countries outside the 14-eye club, do not log user actions and accept payment with bitcoins.

So, here are the top 5 VPN services that do not log:


ExpressVPN is a VPN service from Moldova that does not log at all (at least that was the case at the beginning of 2019) and accepts bitcoin as payment. This service allows you to protect up to 3 devices at the same time, which is pretty good for, say, a journalist who needs to protect both a laptop and a phone. This service does not have many servers and server locations, but there is a very strong 256-bit AES encryption. Also in the application of this service, the “apps Killer” function is implemented – an advanced version of the function of emergency disconnection from the network.


This Romanian VPN service can be safely called the most transparent of all: the office address and contact details of the company’s CEO can be found on their website without any problems! The plus is a huge list of servers and a free tariff (though its capabilities are rather limited). The software of this VPN service is intuitive, one cannot fail to note the presence of the function of emergency disconnection from the network – separate respect from us for this.


NordVPN is a VPN service from Panama that few can compete with. NordVPN stands out in terms of security: this service provides the ability to establish both a dual VPN connection and a Tor-through-VPN connection. Also, NordVPN tariffs are quite affordable (discounts can be checked here ). Well, if you are one of those who need the highest level of security and access to Netlflix, then NordVPN is one step ahead with its Ultra-Fast TV server. An almost infinitely long list of servers and server locations is another plus of this VPN service!


Seychelles are very favoured VPN services. Partly for this reason, many VPN services are registered on the islands, including PureVPN. The client program of this service perfectly determines the server most suitable for the user (and automatically), it also implements the function of emergency disconnection from the network. The only minus of PureVPN is that this client program has a version only for computers running Windows.

Surfshark VPN

Also registered in Seychelles, the VPN service Surfshark VPN is a good option for anyone who wants to remain anonymous. To get started, you only need to specify an email, while the service does not record or store the personal data of users. Surfshark VPN is also great when users want to access popular American and British sites (for example, Pandora, Hulu, Netflix or BBC iPlayer). However, it is worth noting that the quality of the user support service of this service is quite controversial.

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