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3 tools to calculate online tolls in UK

3 tools to calculate online tolls in UK

Traveling in UK means taking into account the price of tolls and fuels. For this we can use these free tools as simulators, calculators and mobile applications.

Using the Estradas.pt calculator, the Via Verde application, or the Via Michelin service, you can simulate the tolls. These are the best free and useful tools for planning a new itinerary.

1. Roads.co.uk


The interface is not the most current or intuitive, but the Estradas.pt website, from Infrarastruras de UK, lets us calculate tolls with the entire highway and main paid roads map of the country.

Fills in the indicated fields, example A1, with the starting and finishing points. The selection is made from the list of roads in UK. Then select the vehicle category by simply clicking "Calculate Tolls".

The portal also adds other services, being possible to consult the locations and applicable toll rates in 2019 in the various regions of the country, from the Algarve to the Transmontana region.

Access the calculator ESTRADAS.PT

EBox recommends this toll calculator who doesn't want to create a user profile, or enter more data than is strictly necessary. It is the simplest, but already gives us a good approximation of the price of tolls.

2. Via Verde

Via Verde Web
Simulation of tolls at A1 (Lisbon – Porto)

With the Via Verde mobile app in the section Tools – Courses, you have a toll calculator. Then, from your mobile phone, you can simulate the amounts to pay. Alternatively you can access the web version of the service.

As a general rule, the Via Verde application is the most pleasant to use, well developed and intuitive to organize, with all content in UK's. In fact, it also gives us traffic and vehicle information.

Access the Via Verde simulator
Via Verde App for Android
Via Verde App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Especially if you are a Via Verde user, EBox recommends to install the app on your phone. It's easy to use and aggregates a lot of relevant information, as well as some unique benefits and promotions.

3. ViaMichelin

Simulation of trip price (tolls and fuel) on A1 (Lisbon – Porto)

The ViaMichelin UK portal brings together various functions that allow you to plan various aspects of the trip. It is possible to plan the entire route, from the route to the precise calculation of fuel costs and the amount payable on tolls.

The platform, through the web version, even gives us the possibility to divide the travel costs by the number of passengers. However, it sins because it is not entirely translated into UK's, with some elements presented in English.

Access the ViaMichelin portal
ViaMichelin App for Android
ViaMichelin app for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

EBox recommends this tool to anyone looking for a precise pricing of tolls and fuels, taking into account the model and engine of the vehicle, among other configurable parameters.

See how you can pay for SCUTs and tolls online without leaving your home. Take the opportunity to know all that the ViaMichelin portal can do!

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