Huawei continues to improve the experience of using its mobile devices to make them more and more practical and convenient. So, to have the best apps on your smartphone there are at least three good solutions.

We explored the AppGallery, Phone Clone and Petal Search, tools that allow you to install most of your favorite apps and ensure that the user experience remains excellent on smartphones with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

1. Phone Clone

Huawei Phone Clone Application

As soon as you receive your new Huawei smartphone, the first step is to install the application Phone Clone, for Android and iOS, on your old phone. This tool will migrate your data, social networks and favorite apps for a simple exchange.

The Phone Clone is an essential help from Huawei to simplify the process of switching smartphones, with the procedure taking a few minutes. It’s the best way to get Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more app networks, including chat history, for the new Huawei smartphone with HMS.

After installing the Phone Clone application on the old mobile phone, the pairing process begins. This is done by recognizing the QR code on the destination smartphone, and there is also a manual pairing route.

For example, follow these steps:

  • Install the Phone Clone app on your old phone – Android / iPhone (iOS)
  • Defines the old phone as “original” – will open the “scan” window
  • Defines, on the destination phone, where the data will come from – an Android, Huawei or iOS
  • Points the old phone to the new Huawei and scan the QR code
  • After pairing, select in the new Huawei what do you want to import
  • Place both devices side by side and do not use them
  • Wait a few minutes until the migration is complete

Huawei Phone Clone

After the transfer process, you will have all your contacts, call list, SMS messages and, even better, most of your favorite apps and their data, already ready to use on Huawei smartphones with HMS.

The transfer process is really simple and you can even import some Google applications like SnapSeed and several finance apps like MBWay, among others. In any case, many of these apps are already available on the AppGallery.

2. AppGallery


Huawei’s AppGalllery is constantly receiving new applications, as well as periodic improvements in the performance, organization and functioning of the application gallery. This is where you’ll find many of your favorite apps.

It is the touchstone of HMS and already has a good range of apps available. We highlight OLX, Snapchat, TikTok, Banco CTT, Via Verde, Caixadireta, among others, such as Millenium BCP and Novo Banco.

Huawei’s bet has been “Glocal”, a mix between local and global trends. Thus, they are able to bring the best apps to UK, serving consumers and also following the main global trends such as TikTok.

Huawei’s app store is well organized, including Games, Gifts, Promotions and Wish Lists. In addition, we have tabs for trends, new arrivals, better ratings and a large games section.

Through the AppGallery we can check for updates available in the “Manager” section, with useful tools for the Huawei user. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, now you have Petal Search!

3. Petal Search

Huawei's Petal Search application

Petal Serch bridges the gap between applications outside the App Gallery and the Huawei smartphone user with HMS. It is the best way to search for applications that are not yet available on the AppGallery, being the solution found by Huawei.

It is a powerful search engine with several sources such as APKMirror and a simpler application update manager. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees that users find what they are looking for.

Petal Search already supports XAPK files that add more information, in addition to the files needed for quick and secure installation. The concept of the application is not very different from a Google search and the results are already equally good.

Furthermore, the Bing search bar crowns the application with a news center just below, when opening the Petal Search app. In summary, Petal Search is the perfect complement to Huawei’s native app store, AppGallery.

There are more and more sources of apps for Huawei smartphones

The manufacturer continues to develop new solutions and improve existing ones to improve the user experience with its mobile devices. The Support hotline is a good example of the attention given to the consumer.

Finally, we highlight the Huawei Cloud, an alternative to Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, which allows an agile synchronization of contacts, files and documents, or images. It is also a good way to store data safely and until the end of August the brand offers 50 GB of space for 3 months.

Article written in partnership with Huawei UK.