3 reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro in UK


Xiaomi has chosen photography as the main highlight for these phones and if that’s the thing that matters most to you then Mi Note 10 Pro is the best option but there is more differences between versions that we make known here.

For DxOMark, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is among the best photo phones, surpassing the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note10 +. This is already the biggest reason for choosing this Xiaomi phone.

1. The best camera of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

The optics of each camera featured here

The 108 MP rear camera has 8 optical elements on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, while the most economical version has 7 elements. This distinction earned him one of the best scores on DxOMark with 121 points (130 in photography).

Each optical element helps define the image and reducing distortions, spherical and optical aberrations or color deviations. It is also worth mentioning that the quality, precision and manufacture of these elements is as or more important than the number itself.

Still, the difference in quality in the images captured by both variants may be imperceptible, with photography being a very subjective art. Anyway, it is in Mi Note 10 Pro that we find the best optical set.

2. You have more RAM on Mi Note 10 Pro

Mi Note 10
In UK the “Pro” version costs 649 € and the standard version costs 599

To the demanding players and for those who want maximize potential life the more RAM available, the better. THE Random Acces Memory (RAM) totals 8 GB Pro version and 6 GB conventional version.

This will make it possible to maintain more applications open simultaneously. Something that can be translated faster by opening them (switching between apps), and can partially decrease their load times.

Still, more RAM does not translate directly into higher speed of the phone, there are several other major factors such as system management. In any case, we only gain by having more resources at our disposal.

3. There’s more storage space on Mi Note 10 Pro

The various color schemes available in UK

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro brings 256 GB of internal storage 128 GB of the standard version. This gives you more space to store photos, files, music, videos and all kinds of applications on your Xiaomi phone.

In the long run you will always have more flexibility, especially if you want to keep Ultra-HD video recordings in the mobile device’s internal memory, or the “heavier” photos and any large file.

With more free space, especially in the long run, the phone will stay faster. Still, with the various storage services in the cloud, This point is greatly mitigated by Google Photos and Google Drive, for example.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is the cheapest option in UK

Both versions have already reached official stores in UK

If these factors are not prevalent for your type of use, you will be well served with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The mobile phone shares all the other technical features except for the three points mentioned above.

Also, its design is the same, including the color schemes. With these releases Xiaomi proves that not only by the processor is known an excellent smartphone, but also and increasingly by design, battery and photography.

Both with excellent battery capacity, sleek and stylish design, not forgetting the powerful Snapdragon 730 G processor that is nothing short of the SD8xx line, thanks to software optimizations with the MIUI 11.

In short, the differences exist, although they are few and may not be relevant for all consumers. Anyway you can already know and buy both versions in the official stores of Xiaomi in UK, the Mi Stores.

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