20 technical details and curiosities you should know about the new Galaxy S20

20 technical details and curiosities you should know about the new Galaxy S20

The price of 8K

Galaxy S20

The devices boast of record video at 8KHowever, this will cost. We refer obviously to internal storage, since 1 minute of video in 8K resolution will take up nothing less than 600 MB of internal space. Luckily the devices have 128 GB of memory base.

8K videos up to 5 minutes

Another limitation around the new resolution is that videos cannot exceed 5 minutes recording, so, at that time, the recording will stop. The reason is none other than the requirement that requires recording at that resolution (at 24 fps, by the way), and that is that the resulting file will occupy nothing less than 3GB

That’s how big the S20 Ultra is compared to an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Galaxy S20 Ultra

There is nothing like comparing two phones facing each other to see their main differences, and in the case of this Galaxy 20 Ultra, placing it next to the iPhone 11 Pro Max allows us to get an idea of ​​its giant dimensions.

The slow motion will depend on the model

Knowing that the S20 Ultra is the largest and most zoomed model, you probably think it is also the most complete. Well, no. It turns out that the 6.9-inch model has limited recording in slow motion until 240 images per second, a figure that contrasts quite a lot with the 960 images per second that reach the S20 and S20 Plus natively. To match, the S20 Ultra performs a digital processing to emulate the magnification of images per second.

5G connectivity for everyone, but with differences

Galaxy S20

All models offer 5G wave connectivity Sub6, However, the Galaxy S20 is not compatible with millimeter waves. What does this mean? Regulators are starting to release the 26 and 28 GHz bands (the millimeters) so when connections are available they will enjoy shorter response times reaching gigabit discharges per second.

5G, but also 4G

Galaxy S20

5G connectivity will be the star of the new generation, however, there will also be the traditional 4G option for those who do not trust the 5G deployment. The funny thing is that 4G models will only be available on the Galaxy S20 and S20 +, so if you want the S20 Ultra, you will have 5G whether you want it or not.

120 Hz display … with limitations

One of the features we were looking forward to seeing in the new Galaxy was the arrival of the panels at 120 Hz. Samsung has included the technology in its screens, however, it has limited it in part. The problem is that we can not use the maximum refresh of the screen with the native resolution of the panel, so if we want maximum smoothness we will have to adjust the resolution to 1080p

The 512GB S20 Ultra costs more than a Galaxy Z Flip

The base price of the almighty Galaxy S20 Ultra is 1,359 euros, although we can increase the figure if we increase the internal capacity to 512 GB (the other option available). It is here when the interesting reading arrives, and its price is 1,559 euros It is superior to the futuristic and foldable Galaxy Z Flip. Which one would you stay with in that case?

The trick of the 100 increases

Galaxy S20

As you can imagine, the S20 Ultra does not include a 100x target. That today is physically impossible, so what Samsung has achieved is to use a 4x periscope lens and through a hybrid zoom process it manages to increase the image 100 times in total.

Inches for all tastes

Galaxy S20

Now that the new generation offers three different sizes, the options multiply depending on the tastes of the users. These new Galaxy S20 arrive with sizes of 6.2 inches, 6.7 inches Y 6.9 inch for the S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra respectively.

More RAM than your computer

The new Galaxy S20 arrive with 12 GB of RAM, so you probably have more RAM than the computer of many users who buy the terminal. The S20 Ultra can reach 16 GB of RAM. Amazing.

Live video transcripts

As with the Google Pixels, these new Galaxy S20 will offer transcripts of videos in real time with which to read the ones that are being commented on in a video. Thus, at a time when you cannot use headphones, you can always understand what is being explained or commented on in a video without activating the sound. They are the first non-Google Android phones that receive this feature.

The integrated Google video chat by default

Another function that comes directly from Google is Google Duo. It is a video chat service that arrives installed by default on the new Samsung devices, with the peculiarity of being the first to offer 1080p resolution in the service.

Goodbye definitely to the headphone port

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S10 defended the presence of the headphone port, however, with the launch of the Note 10, Samsung seemed to change its strategy. Well, the new Galaxy S20 have done nothing but confirm it, the headphone port It has disappeared forever.

The ToF sensor, another difference between models

Although all three models share many of the photographic features, the Galaxy S20 has run out of a somewhat special sensor. We talk about ToF sensor, the one in charge of measuring distances with objects and scenes to control with greater precision the blur and to be able to apply augmented reality effects.

What happened to the face unlock?

Galaxy S20 The front sensors, double cameras and any other type of sensor dedicated to the facial unlocking. There will not even be a software option, so the phone will only use fingerprint unlock. Another down the road.

Less curves than ever

Another interesting point that we see that comes with the new models is that it has lost curve on the screen. It has not disappeared, but this time it is smaller than that of previous generations. Samsung may be turning back to the straight panel, since at the functionality level the curve did not really contribute anything. And it is that already put to boast of innovation, surely they prefer to focus attention on the Galaxy Z Flip.

A special blueooth

The Bluetooth that is included in these Galaxy S20 is quite special, since the phones are able to share the wireless connection through the WiFi. That is, if the phone is connected to a portable speaker and is not using it, another terminal can connect to the Galaxy S20 to use the wireless speaker using the Samsung phone as a bridge.

The S20 Ultra is not the first phone with 108 megapixel sensor

Galaxy S20

Sensor 108 megapixels It is really attractive, but it should be stressed that it is not the first phone to mount it. The first to do so was the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, although considering that the sensor is a Samsung Isocell, everything remains at home.

Netflix and Xbox as allies

The presentation of the phones also served to present a series of alliances with Netflix Y Xbox The first will allow receiving exclusive content to all phone owners, while with the second, users can download the game Forza Street completely free for the first time on a mobile device.


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