Often we forget how important it is to keep secret our activity on the Internet i.e. how to protect our privacy online.

In this century, when so much is happening on the web (from communication to payments), security and privacy is becoming a top priority.

Maintaining a high level of protection of your privacy on the World Wide Web is often quite difficult, so we have compiled an up-to-date list of 18 of the best tools to help you stay protected online.


  1. IPVanish

IPVanishis a free, open-source encryption protocol that most VPN providers use and support all popular operating systems. It works best if you connect to a VPN server and provides reliable protection and a stable connection. You can even create your VPN server so that you can work privately on private networks. It protects your privacy.


2. Quickproxy

Quickproxy is a free web proxy that does not need to be installed; it can be used simply by entering the URL in the search bar. You will get access to the website from a hidden IP address, without having to set up a VPNThis proxy also blocks ads, which will never be redundant.


3. Panda

Panda is a free and lightweight antivirus, and at the same time, there are several excellent features that you will not find with other antiviruses. The program can delete malicious codes, there is a tool for encrypting files, protection when connecting to Wi-Fi, parental control and other functions that can be used on Mac devices, Windows PCs or iOS / Android phones.


4. Lastpass

If you need an easy-to-use password manager, take a look at LastPass, a simple and free plan browser plug-in that saves all your passwords in an encrypted database (AES-256 encryption). There are available versions of this plugin for almost any web browser.

  1. iBackup

iBackup is secure cloud storage, including for backing up your data, in which you can store up to 5GB of data for free an unlimited amount of time. This free service can be used on MacOSX, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

  1. Guerrilla mail

Guerrilla Mail is a free tool that you can use without registering, and its main task is that it creates fake email addresses for users. This is a convenient tool in cases where to start working with a website you are required to subscribe by e-mail and you do not want to leave your real address anywhere.


7. IP leak test

IP Leak Test is free and helps you see if the IP address can be leaked through a WebRTC-enabled browser. WebRTC is a protocol that uses JavaScript and can become a source of leakage of your local IP address, even if you are on a network with a VPN.

  1. uBlock

uBlock is a free ad blocking extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari web browsers. This extension is very simple and convenient to use. By blocking ads, the extension also prevents ad-tracking programs from collecting information about who is viewing it.

  1. I2P

I2P works as follows: data is sent over a network of relay servers, and thus the request source remains hidden, as when working through a VPN. This service is free and can be used on most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OSX.

  1. Tor browser

Tor, a popular anonymous network, is an independent web browser where you will find all the security features on the Internet… When you visit websites through the free Tor web browser, all requests are automatically redirected to the nearest server.


11. Startpage

StartPage removes all the information with which you can track; it is a convenient tool that hides data such as your IP address or information about network activity. StartPage can be set as the default search page in your browser.

  1. Tool for comparing VPN service features

A simple comparison tool with which you can see the characteristics of 1-3 VPN providers in one table to decide which one suits you best. This is a great free tool for beginners in the VPN industry.

  1. Glasswire

GlassWire is available for Windows and Android users. This excellent application monitors the operation of your network, provides reliable protection in the form of a firewall and warns you of any outside interference. This free program collects a lot of important data, which is then displayed to the user.

  1. NoScript

NoScript extension is available for the Firefox web browser; its main task is to prevent plug-ins from executing scripts unless you include them in the list of trusted ones. This free tool will help prevent malicious script attacks by giving you the ability to make a list of websites you trust.


15. Click & clean

Click & Clean is a free extension for Google Chrome that scans your browser for all sorts of threats to your privacy. Also, this extension automatically scans your computer to detect malware and cleans your browsing history every time you close Chrome.

  1. Testing the Great Chinese Firewall 

This tool allows users to check-in real-time for free whether a website in China is blocked. On the page, you will need to enter a test URL to see if it passes through the Great Chinese Firewall.

All these tools are the most convenient and FREE, they will help to increase the level of protection of your privacy.