15 best Pokemon Since 1999, cards have been available for purchase Base Set To Crown Zenith

The Pokemon Company Thousands of playing cards have been released by the Pokemon TCG since 1996, and we’ve boiled them down to the 15 best Pokemon Cards of all times

Whether you’re a collector, casual player, or competitive trainer; the Pokemon TCG offers a great deal. And One of the most popular deck-building cards-battling games is still in existence. There are thousands upon thousands of cards, ranging from useless cardboard rectangles and rare, expensive pieces of shiny paper.

But a card’s market value isn’t the only thing that makes it worth collecting. And Recent expansions have included artwork to some of the Full Art Secret Rare Cards are visually more appealing than cards that have been around for 20 years and cost thousands of dollars.

There They are also highly desired because of their ability to fight or the way they defined the meta in their time with the TCG. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 15 best Pokemon Cards of all times

Top 15 best Pokemon Cards around the globe

15. Illustrator Pikachu (Most Expensive Pokemon card)

illustartor pikachu pokemon card

Coming The most costly is at number 15. Pokemon card ever sold: Illustrator Pikachu. It’d be impossible to make a “best Pokemon card” list without mentioning the one-of-a-kind PSA 10 Illustrator Pikachu You can influencers by giving them a card Logan Paul Purchase cost $6 Million

Even Outside of the a Gem Mint score, Illustrator Pikachu The rarest card, only 39 were distributed after several contests during the 1990s.

14. 1st Edition Charizard Shadowless Base Set (1999)

base set shadowless charizard pokemon card

The The first ever holographic Charizard The card is the Michael Jordan This is Pokemon cards. It’s not very flashy by today’s standards, but it is hailed by many as the greatest Pokemon Card Of all times. This This is probably due to its rarity and nostalgia. It also features one of our most favorite songs Pokemon.

The shadowless Charizard Starting in 1999 Pokemon base set sits low on this list because it’s not easily obtained without hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even then it’s arguably a rather underwhelming card. NonethelessThe hype around this card is what has made it one of the most popular cards ever.

13. Shaymin EX Full Art (Meta Defining Pokemon card)

shaymin ex pokemon card

During Each new age of the Pokemon TCG: A few cards may veer to the front of the meta. However, there hasn’t been a card as meta-defining as Shaymin EX in the age of Roaring Skies. It It allowed players to have up to six cards in their hand when they were playing thanks to its versatility.

And the full-art version of the card isn’t bad either. It’s not nearly as artistic or visually interesting as cards further down the list, but the sky forme stands proudly against a blue background striking fear into the opposing trainer.

12. M Mewtwo EXHighest (damage output)

mewtwo ex pokemon card

Many Attributes for trainers Mega Mewtwo EX from the X&Y BREAKthrough expansion to be one of the strongest cards to ever grace the Pokemon TCG. This It is because of its powerful move Psychic Infinity.

This Attack does 10 damage and 30 additional damage depending on the energy attached by your opponent to their active. Pokemon. And to make matters worse (for your opponents) the damage dealt isn’t affected by Weakness. With The right balance of energy is M Mewtwo EX could be able to soloize teams within a blink of an eye.

11. Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia GXCosmic Eclipse)

arceus dialga palkia pokemon card

The Sun & Moon expansions offered quite a few “Team Up” cards which feature two or more Pokemon In a single card Not The artwork was only part of the cards, the actual card represented two. Pokemon This led to many interesting combinations, and some truly amazing artwork.

But The final was one of the most important cards that emerged from this era in teamwork. Sun & Moon Set Cosmic Eclipse. The trio card Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia GX was a celebration of the Gods of the Pokemon universe. And This is while Pokemon card wasn’t the dominating force players would expect from a trio of gods, it’s still one of the best Sun & Moon Team-Ups.

10. Gengar VMAX Alternate Art Secret (Fusion Strike)

Gengar vmax pokemon card

You You may be surprised to see that all 10 top-ranked items on this list come from the Sword & Shield The era of Pokemon TCG and onward, and that’s not by mistake. Since 2020 is the beginning The Pokemon Company has produced some of the highest-quality cards to date, and each set has contained multiple stunning collector’s pieces.

To Kick off the Top 10, We Have Gengard VMAX’s Secret Alt Art From the Fusion Strike set. Not Not only are these cards beautifully illustrated, they also do a great deal of damage. It’s no wonder why this card clocks in at just under $200 making it the most expensive Pokemon Get your card at the Fusion Strike set.

9. Tyranitar V Alternate Full Art (Battle Styles)

tyranitar v pokemon card

Tyranitar One of the most intimidating Pokemon outside of the TCG, and it’s seen its fair share of play inside the competitive card game as well. HoweverIts Battle Styles Alt full-art card shows another side to the gentle giant.

Slumbering This napping behemoth was quickly discovered among heaps of garbage and dishes. But These are some of the most powerful things you can do. Pokemon The card was also powerful, dealing massive damage in one hit at the cost of just a few cards.

8. Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret (Fusion Strike)

mew vmax fusion strike pokemon card

Taking Another stop is in the Land of Fusion Strike, Mew VMAX’s secret alt art is a stunning card both visually and in terms of its abilities. This It is not to mixed with the other five Mew The set includes two cards, with one having a superior alt art.

The Mew VMAX comes equipped with the TCG's most ridiculous moves. Cross Fusion Strike Allow Mew to choose one attack from the trainer’s benched Fusion Strike Pokemon It can be used as a personal tool. And Max Miracle deals 130 damage that isn’t affected by any effects on the opponent’s active Pokemon. It It may not the most expensive, but it's a formidable card.

7. Charizard VSTARUltra Premium Collectors Box Promo)/ Mewtwo VSTARCrown Zenith)

charizard vstar mewtwo vstar pokemon cards

Here Is it a Charizard that feels worthy of a spot on any “best Pokemon card” list. Charizard VSTAR is the amazing story of one our most loved characters Pokemon Fighting against the best Pokemon. This Battle can be also seen from Mewtwo’s perspective in the new Crown Zenith set.

The Mewtwo VSTAR looks more appealing than the other, but it is harder to find and costs more to purchase. Charizard VSTAR. Collectors You can purchase it for $119 Charizard Ultra Premium To get 3 amazing collector's boxes Charizard Cards, or the VSTAR can be purchased on its own by them for about $20.

6. Unown V Alternate Full Art (Silver Tempest)

unown v alternate art

Silver Tempest One of the most recent sets in this collection Pokemon TCG, and it didn’t pull punches with its Alternate Arts. And The most interesting card in the set is “The One”. Unown V Alternate Full Art.

The Unown It has been mysterious since the beginning PokemonThis card is a great way to express that sentiment. Where Are they still going? Where Where did they originate? But Even more: How did this card get so busted? It may not have the most powerful attacks, but it has a move – Victory Symbol – that can instantly end the game.

5. Origin Forme Palkia V Alternate Full Art (Astral Radiance)

origin former palkia pokemon card

The Origin Forme Palkia V alt card is one example of a recent card that removes focus from featured cards Pokemon This is to show off the amazing art. This A framed poster of the masterpiece measuring 2.4×3.4 inches would look great or on a page in an artbook. Origin Forme Palkia It is perfect among the top Pokemon Cards in the recent past

This The card design is exceptional and is a fantastic way to introduce new products. Pokemon (or, in this instance, a new form) to the TCG And Its attack Hydro Break You suffer 200 damage, but you are unable attack your next turn.

4. Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art Secret (Evolving Skies)

umbreon vmax alt ar pokemon card

One One of the most highly sought-after cards during the height of the Pokemon TCG’s online popularity was Umbreon VMAX’s secret alt art. The giant Eeveelution In one of the most beautiful artworks ever created, a man sits perched on top of a structure looking out at the moon. Pokemon TCG. It’s hailed as the best Pokemon Inscribing card Evolving Skies.

And Its ability to attack is quite nasty for anyone who dares to carry this amazing card around on their battlefield stroll. Dark Signal allows the player to switch their opponent’s active player for one on its bench, and Max Darkness You can then follow it up with 160 damage.

3. Regidrago V Alternate Full Art (Silver Tempest)

regidrago v pokemon card

At The time that this was published is Pokemon TCG’s Silver Tempest expansion hasn’t been released yet, but we’ve already been given a glimpse of one of the alt art cards that awaits players. Regidrago V easily secures a place near the top on this list. Once again, a fierce Legendary Pokemon Is pictured here in a tranquil setting, just chilling out among the ruins. Legendary Bird Lugia It soars above the background.

And The most extravagant cards, as usual are embellished with some of your best skills. Celestial Roar The player must discard their top three cards. However, if they have energy or are the only ones left in the deck, they will be automatically added to the hand. Regidrago. And Imagine a move that looks like this Dragon Laser… that speaks for itself.

2. Deoxys VMAX Alternate Art Secret (Crown Zenith)

deoxys vmaz alternate art pokemon tcg

When Take a look at all the alternate artworks available from Crown Zenith set, it’s incredibly difficult to limit the number of cards from that set on this list. There There are minimum 10 cards Crown Zenith It could make it on the list. But there’s one card that stands above the rest- and it’s out of this world.

Deoxys VMAX Alternate Art Secret The best Pokemon Card From the Crown Zenith set. The Extraterrestrial Pokemon Are you being abducted? Orbeetle With a background that is straight out of a sci-fi film. It’s gorgeous. It’s stunning. And The chase is worthwhile.

1. Giratina V Alternate Full Art (Lost Origin)

Giratina v alt art pokemon card

You can see it. It wouldn’t be surprising if players were in the midst of the greatest era of Pokemon card designs seeing what the most recent set – Lost Origins – has to offer. The Giratina The best V alternate full-art is without doubt the best Pokemon Card Every printed. You You could also call Giratina V Ferrari This is Pokemon cards.

Is Is it the best card you have ever seen? NoIt does not have one, but it has an amazing kit that renders the god antimatter a formidable foe. Abyss Seeker Allows the player to see the four top cards in their deck, and keeps two of them in their hand. Shred It is quite self-explanatory and causes 160 unintended damage.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what awaits you in the world of Pokemon You can collect cards, but you should also check out the top. Pokemon You can buy card packs when you build your collection.

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