14 best Fairy-type Pokemon ranked: Togekiss, Sylveon, Zacian More

The best Fairy-type Pokemon are able to switch things up between cute and deadly, so we’ve rounded up the strongest ones that you need on your team in games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Sword & ShieldAnd even more Pokemon Go

They This may be less common than it seems. Water, PsychicPlease see the following: FireThere are a variety of -types and some may not be as well-rounded. Normal-types, but it’s definitely worth your time to seek out a strong Fairy-type Pokemon They can prove to be an asset in every game.

Perhaps Most importantly: Fairies They are very well-known Dragon killers. Before They were first introduced in Gen VI, Dragon-types were widely considered to be the most powerful – but this added vulnerability to Fairy Pokemon Puts a kink into their armor.

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Not all of them are going to be worth your time, though, and there are a few duds hidden among the gems, so let’s look at the best Fairy Pokemon These are the ones that it is worth spending time learning and improving.


  • What The best Fairy-type Pokemon?
  • The Worst fairy type Pokemon

Zacian best Fairy PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Zacian When it comes to powerful fairy tales, this is the winner Pokemon.

The The best and the strongest Fairy-type Pokemon

CurrentlyThe best Fairy Pokemon In the franchise Zacian. This wolf-like Pokemon Was first released as box art Legendary In Sword & Shield and has definitely earned itself a place on any trainer’s team.

Even Though Zacian This is the top of our list. There are many more Fairy-type Pokemon These are worthwhile additions to your list. Our The following list will assist you in selecting the most beautiful and strong. Fairies All throughout the franchise.

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14. Florges

The Fairy type Florges in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Don’t let looks deceive you, as Florges If you are in the right place, it can be a major threat.

Florges definitely isn’t the most popular Fairy-type PokemonIt is not the best, but there are some outstanding features that you should consider including in your team.

The First, let's mention that it is massive 154 Special Defense Stat.It is also one of the top of Any Pokemon The franchise. Its Regular Defense isn’t great (68), but its HP is decent enough (78) to make it a sponge for Special attacks.

It It also boasts a remarkable amount of potential customers. 111 Special Attack These, combined with STAB moves such as Moonblast And Dazzling GleamIt can also be extremely deadly when used on the battlefield. Underestimate Florges At your own risk

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13. Enamorus

Pokemon Legends Arceus catching Enamorus battle screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Neue Legendary Enamorus made its debut in Legends Arceus.

Enamorus The only totally new Legendary to debut in Pokemon Legends ArceusAdd a fourth member of the family to your Forces This is Nature squad and it immediately flies onto our top ten list. Fairy-type Pokemon.

It Has Base stats total 580 To play with and are divided differently depending on the form that you select: Incarnate Receives an incredible 106 Speed While Therian Focuses on Defense And Special Defense. Both Although forms are powerful, they can also be very imposing. 115 Attack 1. Special Attack.

It’s too early to tell whether Enamorus In the long-term, will it have an impact on the competition scene? Legends Arceus This simplified battle in many ways, although it only has one ability and a limited move pool. But it still looks great.

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12. Togekiss

Togekiss PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Togekiss may be outclassed now, but it’s still worth your time.

For For a very long time Togekiss was voted one of the greatest FairyThere are -types of the game. While it’s since been overtaken by more recent additions to the Pokedex, there’s still a place for this creature in your collection.

Being A dual Fairy/FlyingThe -type combination makes this a truly unique one, with a stunning result. Special Attack Base stat 120 And Special Defense Base state of 115. With moves like Charm And Dazzling GleamIt can be quite powerful.

11. Grimmsnarl

GrimmsnarlGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

Grimmsnarl It is just as scary as it is strong.

When Grimmsnarl made its debut in Sword & ShieldIt was hailed as the best-looking vehicle in its class. Fairies The franchise. Its harsh design hasn’t put players off incorporating it into their teams, though, as it’s actually quite a decent fighter.

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Dark/Fairy It only has two limitations, typing. Fairy And SteelPlease see:nd there aren’t too many of those types around. Meanwhile, a Base Attack Statistic of 120This is complemented by a large selection Physical It is very effective against all types of opponent because it covers.

Grimmsnarl However, it does contain some weaknesses. It’s Slow with very little Speed Base stat 60This means that it won't be the first to attack, which is a good thing. Defense Basis stat = 65 means it won’t put up much of a fight if you’re playing the long game. Use You should use this opportunity wisely.

10. Sylveon

Pokemon Sylveon AnimeThe Pokemon Company

Sylveon may be cute, but it’s also deadly.

As The pink-and white look is the best. Sylveon One of the most adorable Fairy-types going. Being A development of Eevee, it was always going to become a fan favorite – but it’s also proven its ability on the battlefield.

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Sylveon’s ability Pixilate Any boost NormalA -type move is increased by 20% to make it a FairyThe attack type is a strong move such as Hyper Beam With its 150 base power You can increase your earnings by up to 20% And given same-type attack bonus (STAB).

Its Total base statistics of 525 could be very low in comparison to other. Pokemon It is not on the list but stands out in its own right when it comes down to Special Defense (130) And Special Attack (115). It has a decent HP base stat of 95, too, which isn’t too shabby.

9. Tinkaton

Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With A dual Fairy/Steel-typing, it’s not hard to imagine why Tinkaton It has been a very popular option in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It Has There are nine types of resistancesImmunity to Dragon And Poison-type attacks, and only two weaknesses to worry about, so it’s a beast on the battlefield despite its cute appearance.

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Our Favorite thing about Tinkaton Is it Signature move Gigaton Hammer, which is one of the best we’ve ever seen. It’s a monstrous Steel-type attack that sees the pink creature swing its giant hammer to dish out 160 damage with 100% accuracy – something any opponent would struggle to deal with.

8. Gardevoir

GardevoirThe Pokemon Company

Gardevoir Popular for more than its design.

One This is Gen III’s most recognizable Pokemon It is Gardevoir. Originally A pure PsychicA fan favorite, the -type became a double Psychic/FairyYou can choose a -type starting with Gen VI onwards – a change that boosted both its popularity and its usefulness.

Gardevoir’s Attack Base stat (65) And Defense Base stat (65) It is relatively insignificant, however it excels when it involves Special Attack (125) And Special Defense (115)You have access to useful support such as Healing Wish And TrickYou can also learn powerful STAB-enhancing moves such as Psyshock And Moonblast.

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It possesses many great talents. Trace copies the opponent’s ability when switched in, which can work heavily in its favor, while Synchronize Any status effects are passed on to the opponent. Overall, Gardevoir Although it won't last very long on the battlefield but will have an impact.

7. Clefable

Clefable PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Clefable This classic still packs a punch.

Gen 1’s signature Fairy-type Clefable It may not seem significant. Pokemon When compared with the other powerful creatures in this list. But It is not a good idea to ignore it, since it does have some important advantages.

The Capacity Magic Guard It prevents indirect damage. Clefable won’t have to worry about status effects like Burn And Poison Attacks like Leech Seed. This This means that it could also be used to hold the Life Orb – an item that boosts power but inflicts damage on the user – without taking damage.

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Clefable You can also access powerful moves from many types, such as Flamethrower (Fire), Ice Beam (Ice), Shadow Ball (Dark), Thunderbolt (Electric Psychic (PsychicIt is a great advantage for almost all situations.

Stats-wise, it’s not the most exciting of the FairyHowever, they can be combined with other types. Base state for HP 95Please see: Special Attack Base State of 95And a Special Defense Base stat 90It is able to stand firm in battle.

6. Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Tapu Fini It might just be the best Guardian Deity.

When Pokemon Sun & Moon It was the first to introduce the Guardian DeitiesFour Fairy-type Legendaries Each type has its own secondary type. They’re all great choices, but we think that the Fairy/Water-type Tapu Fini is the standout, especially if you’re looking for a defensive Pokemon.

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Tapu Fini The highest Defense Basis stat (115). And Special Defense Base stat (130). Each of these four Guardian DeitiesWhile its typing renders it invulnerable to DragonResistance to common and -type moves Fire, Fighting, Bug, Dark, IcePlease see the following: WaterIt is one of the most bulky moves you can do. Pokemon around.

Access You can find more information here Calm Mind It helps to increase it Special Attack And Special DefenseIts ability to Misty Surge Protect Tapu Fini Status conditions or halves damage DragonMoving up in the -category FairyReputation of being a type Dragon slayers.

5. Diancie

DiancieThe Pokemon Company

Diancie Has an extremely high rating Defense stat.

Gen VI’s Mythical For the creature Diancie One of the most powerful Fairy-type Pokemon In the series, only falling behind Xerneas And Zacian It has a total base of 600 when it comes down to total stats.

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It The highest Defense Any base stat Fairy-type (150) And a Matching Special Defense Basis statWhile its Attack And Special Attack Both base statistics sit nicely at 100. This means it’s flexible and can either be used as a wall or as a heavy hitter.

Diancie Its typing can however hinder its use. Being A dual Fairy/Rock-type means it has four weaknesses, and it’s especially vulnerable to Steel-type attacks. This Makes Diancie This is an unwise decision, but you could get well-rewarded if the situation is right.

4. Magearna

Magearna PokemonThe Pokemon Company

The Mythical Magearna It is the best choice Fairy fans.

Next We have another! Mythical The list also includes: Gen VII’s artificial Pokemon Magearna.

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The Outstanding feature Magearna is that it’s the heavily sought-after dual Fairy/Steel-type, which gives it an amazing amount of type resistances. It also renders it immune to both Poison And Dragon-type attacks.

When This is how stats work. Pokemon Particularly excels in Special AttackIt is located in, which has a staggering 130 Basis stat. Couple This with the ability Soul-HeartThis raises awareness. Magearna’s Special Attack Each time, a Pokemon faints, and it’s beastly.

Magearna Access to many types of moves, so you can combine them all. Shift Gear, Thunderbolt, Ice BeamPlease see the following: Focus Blast This will allow it to be an effective attacker against large numbers of enemies. With Both have 115 base stats Defense And Special DefenseIt can take all damage it manages to sustain.

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3. Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane, the best Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Flutter Mane It is both offensively and defensively very powerful. Pokemon.

Of You can find all of the Paradox Pokemon Introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Flutter Mane It is the most popular with 135 Special Attack, 135 Special DefenseAnd 135 Speed. The rest of its stats might be terrible, but that doesn’t really matter when your opponents probably won’t even get the chance to fight back.

Flutter Mane These stats are backed up by a fantastic set of moves, such as Moonblast And Shadow Ball. One One of the most amazing things about this Pokemon However, it is also its Fairy/GhostTyping is a great offensive and defensive tool. With Three immunities and only two weaknesses, its lack of bulk doesn’t seem too bad.

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2. Xerneas

Xerneas PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Xerneas This is an extremely powerful strategy Legendary.

Pokemon X’s cover star Xerneas The first ever Fairy-type Legendary It was a great franchise and lived up to all the high expectations. Fairies In the game.

What Makes Xerneas So special is it's signature move Geomancy, which raises the user’s Special Attack, Special DefensePlease see the following: Speed Two stages. While It takes two turns before you can charge it, but it is possible. Xerneas Is holding the Power HerbThe move can be completed in one turn.

Considering It Base Special Attack It is currently very high at 131It has many moves to take advantage of these including Moonblast And Focus Blast, it’s no wonder why many trainers considered Xerneas To be OP.

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In In terms of capabilities Xerneas A signature talent called Fairy AuraIt is the basis of Fairy-type attacks even stronger. Combined This makes STAB an extremely powerful tool Fairy attacker.

1. Zacian

Crowned Sword ZacianThe Pokemon Company

Zacian It lives up to more Legendary title.

While Xerneas It could be among the top. Fairies you can have on your team, it’s beaten out ever-so-slightly by Zacian, the franchise’s latest Fairy-type Legendary This was his mascot. Pokemon Sword.

Zacian It is strong enough to be considered powerful in the standard version Hero This is Many Battles Form, A total base stat is 670. Highlights Include an Amazing 138 SpeedThe powerful 130 AttackAnd a solid 115 Defense. This It would be a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement.

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But Give it a Rusted Sword Hold it, and you get the epic Fairy/Steel-type Crowned Sword ZacianThe most powerful FairyThis is the first ever -type to grace this series. It It has been a Superb 720 base statIt is now on the same level as Mythical (and Godly) Arceus.

As It also helps to increase its base Attack to an astonishing 170 Zacian’s ability Intrepid Sword Give it an immediate boost. Attack It can be switched to combat, turning it into an absolutely powerful machine that uses moves like Behemoth Blade And Close Combat.

It’s safe to say that ZacianIn any of its Hero This is Many Battles Form or it Crowned Sword The greatest form is FairyType in Pokemon history. We Doubt that it will.

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The worst Fairy-type Pokemon

Aromatisse Pokemon fairy typeThe Pokemon Company

Aromatisse It is also one of the most slow Fairy-type mon that you’ll come across.

While You can find many of them. Fairy-type Pokemon you’re going to want to bring into battle, there are also some that you should avoid. We’d recommend skipping the likes of Aromatisse, CottoneePlease see the following: Shiinotic from your parties if you’re looking to stAnd a chance at survival.

Aromatisse’s base 29 Speed and Shiinotic’s base 30 Speed This will do no good as it will only determine who attacks first each round.

Cottonee This is a worse situation with subpar stats all around, especially with base 27 Attack Base 37 Special Attack.

That’s it for our list of the best Fairy Pokemon Of all times. For Check out our other content for more guides and lists:

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