The best science fiction books

Make it clear from the beginning: let’s put the books we put in, you’ll never be 100% satisfied with our selection. It is what the literature has, which is wide and varied, that as much as we want to list some of the best titles, we will always leave some in the inkwell.

Still we tried to make a title collection, some well known, others not so much, that they can fit you at any time to read and that they always have a common denominator: science fiction as a central genre. Clarified this, we can only wish you a happy reading.


11.4 light dreams


This book presents a dystopian and dark world in which everything is for sale, including emotions. Ariel de Santos is a creator of vivid dreams, one of the few artists capable of modeling emotions to inspire a world that has literally forgotten to dream. Written by Nicholas Avedon (it is his first novel), it is worth giving a chance to this piece of science fiction in its purest form.

  • Paperback – 11.40 euros
  • Kindle – 2.99 euros (also available on Kindle Unlimited for free)

A happy world


A clasicazo For the list. Aldous Huxley’s great work puts us on the trail of a future world in which society has been carried away by the worst: consumerism is the king and people are created in test tubes, with a mission assigned even before birth. It is not just one of the best science fiction books that exist; It is one of the best in literature in general.

Ender’s Game


Another great classic of science fiction literature and the favorite book of many people. This is really the first of a saga of books composed of five titles. In the first one we are presented with a terrible scenario in which humanity is on the verge of extermination because of an invading extraterrestrial society. Andrew (Ender) is recruited as a child to be trained since childhood to face the next great war.

The Tesla Tower


Falcon is a detective who tells us his investigation in an adventure full of mystery and with a clandestine electric weapon in between. A true thriller in an alternative reality and different from the one we live that has earned its author, Rubén Azorín, very good reviews.

  • Softcover – 9.36 euros
  • Kindle – 2.99 euros (available for free on Kindle Unlimited)

Martian Chronicles


Our world is on the verge of destruction, so it’s time to colonize a new planet: Mars. But not everything will be as easy as some think when they get there. From this base part Martian Chronicles, a book written in the 40s by Ray Bradbury that remains a reference for many.

I’m legend


This title will sound for the famous Will Smith movie, but that film is based precisely on this story by Richard Matheson. Robert Neville is the only survivor of a bacteriological war that has had to bind on our planet and that has turned the rest of humanity into vampires. His life is reduced to killing as many of these beings as possible and surviving them.

The long journey to a small angry planet


Rosemary Harper joins the Peregrina crew (an old tunneling ship) without knowing very well what to expect from her first job. This will give you the opportunity to live new adventures in the farthest reaches of the galaxy and, more importantly, the possibility of leaving your past behind. Becky Chambers

The stars are legion


Zan doesn’t remember who he is. He regains consciousness among people who claim to be his family and assure him that he has salvation in his hands since only she is able to board the Mokshi, that mysterious abandoned world-ship that can take them all out of the Legion. Kameron Hurley writes this work about tragic love, revenge and war. It has everything.

The science of science fiction


“When Hawking played poker at Enterprise.” With such a description you can already imagine that this is not just any book … or at least not a novel to use. This nice proposal pulls some of the great characters of science and confronts them with situations of some of the great science fiction stories to see if they are indeed possible. A more didactic book that we could not stop referencing here.

I robot


We return to the classics with the great work of Isaac Asimov. The book collects several stories connected to each other that deal with the principles by which robotic programming is governed… despite having been published in the 50s. A true must-have that you will hardly like.

The time Machine


The science fiction novel by H.G. Wells in a new and somewhat special edition in case you didn’t know her: in comic format. Despite this, the story remains intact, once again assuming great criticism of social inequalities from the perspective of time travel.